The beginning of manufacturing of equipment for PV Power Plants under the Technology of AEG Power Solutions in Ukraine

On February 28 th in Odesa S-Engineering LLC manufacturing facilities was signed the unique license agreement, under which AEG Power Solutions, with the support of its German affiliate AEG Power Solutions GmbH and local affiliate 3W Power Ukraine LLC, provided the exclusive right of solar inverters production under the AEG PS technology to the Ukrainian companies of SEMAG brand, created jointly with group of the companies of Metropoliya brand and SE Group International brand.Г

Metropoliya is a group of companies (, leader of Ukrainian engineering of a full cycle in power production.

SE Group International ( – a group of companies, led by S-Engineering LLC engineering production company, is a unique Ukrainian producer of switchgear equipment, which quality conforms to the European standards.

AEG Power Solutions GmbH ( ) is the German branch of AEG Power Solutions – a global provider of power supply systems and solutions for all types of critical and demanding applications. AEG Power Solutions has decades of experience with UPS and power electronics, and grid integration, and is leveraging its conversion expertise to engineer and deliver solutions for renewables and energy storage applications.

Acquiring AEG Power Solutions premium technology for solar inverters gives SE Group International the capacity to manufacture Ukrainian product conforming to the German quality standards, such as solar inverter, on the territory of Ukraine and to develop alternative energy
in Ukraine.

The inverters with power up to 1000 kVA intended for PV Power Plants will be made on the manufacturing facilities of S-Engineering company in Odesa.

Metropoliya and S-Engineering companies already have good experience of cooperation in the sphere of developing the alternative energy projects in Ukraine. Logical extension of this partnership is starting of equipment production, using the world known German technology in Ukraine, required for PV Power Plants. Despite the construction boom of alternative energy

Metropoliya and S-Engineering companies already have good experience of cooperation in the sphere of developing the alternative energy projects in Ukraine. Logical extension of this partnership is starting of equipment production, using the world known German technology in Ukraine, required for PV Power Plants. Despite the construction boom of alternative energy stations, inverters as one of the PV power Plant’s main components, have been never produced in our country.

Under Aleksander Semenyug, the Leader of SEMAG LLC and Director of solar power projects of S-Engineering LLC “the high-quality inverter equipment is a necessary component for all solar power stations under construction. The equipment manufactured in Ukraine under technology
of AEG PS Company will have the enough percentage of local production for obtaining the U1 certificate that will become an additional motivation for implementation of new SPS into operation. Accelerating the process of transition to alternative energy sources will considerably improve energetics and ecological situation of our region.”

“We welcome the beginning of partnership with Ukrainian companies. Thanks to the development of alternative energy in Ukraine there is a growing demand for inverters’ local production. Finding a company whom we could entrust our technology took us a long period. The only challenger conforming to the high German standards of production in Ukraine now is
the S-Engineering company. We are glad to start cooperation with both Metropoliya company, the leader of engineering activity in the sphere of power production, and S-Engineering company, the manufacturer of the European level in Ukraine. We are confident in the success of this endeavor. It is very important for us that the equipment on our technologies will be
manufactured in Ukraine, and thus we could contribute to the evelopment of alternative energy of your country. We have huge plans to continue lines of the equipment manufactured in Ukraine according to our technologies in the future.”
– said Jörg Liedloff, the Vice President Business Development and New Markets of AEG Power Solutions.

Итоги выставки CISOLAR 2019: SEMAG представила первый центральный инвертор для солнечных электростанций полностью украинского производства1

Выставка прошла очень насыщенно и продуктивно. За время выставки 17-18 апреля 2019 г. обе выставочные локации SEMAG посетили более 200 человек. Это были технические специалисты, украинские и зарубежные инвесторы с готовыми проектами различных масштабов, и те, кто только собирается заняться бизнесом в сфере альтернативной энергетики. Живой интерес у посетителей вызвал первый инвертор SELAM PV1000 производства SEMAG (Украина, г. Одесса) по технологии компании AEG Power Solutions (Германия) с максимальной глубиной производства в Украине.

Центральные инверторы производства SEMAG полностью соответствуют требованиям действующего законодательства для оформления сертификата происхождения формы У1. Применение оборудование украинского производства, согласно Закону «Об альтернативных источниках энергии», дает право инвесторам СЭС получить надбавку к «зеленому» тарифу на вырабатываемую электроэнергию.

Центральный инвертор SELAM PV1000 рассчитан на входною мощность 1 МВт. В качестве готового решения для электрогенерирующих подстанций компания SEMAG предлагает комплектные инверторные подстанции контейнерного типа с оптимально подобранным оборудованием, мощностью 1 либо 2 МВт.

Подстанции собирают получаемую электроэнергию, преобразовывают в переменный ток для сети, а также ведут учет и контроль, прогнозирование и управление всей систем. Учитывая возросшую активность в развитии солнечной энергетики, оборудование является крайне востребованным. Результатами выставки стали важные деловые встречи, расширение круга сотрудничества, анализ развития направлений и требований в солнечной энергетике. Это позволит сфокусировать вектор развития компании SEMAG.

Results of CISOLAR 2019 exhibition: SEMAG presented the first central inverter for solar power plants entirely Ukrainian-made

The exhibition was very rich and productive. During the exhibition time on April 17-18, 2019, more than 200 people visited both SEMAG exhibition locations. They were technicians, local and foreign investors with ready-made projects of various scales, and those who are just going to do business in the field of alternative energy. The first Inverter SELAM PV1000 made by SEMAG (Ukraine, Odessa) by the AEG Power Solutions technology (Germany) with the maximum depth of production in Ukraine caused keen interest among visitors.

The central inverters manufactured by SEMAG fully comply with the requirements of current legislation for issuing a certificate of origin for Form U1. The use of equipment produced in Ukraine, according to the Law “On Alternative Energy Sources”, gives SES investors the right to receive a premium to the “green” tariff for electricity generated.

The central inverter SELAM PV1000 is designed for an input power of 1 MW. As a ready- made solution for power generating substations, SEMAG offers complete container-type inverter substations with optimally selected equipment with a capacity of 1 or 2 MW.

Substations collect the received electricity, convert it to alternating current for the network, and also keep records and control, forecasting and control of the entire system. Given the increased activity in the development of solar energy, equipment is extremely popular. The results of the exhibition consists of important business meetings, expanding the range of cooperation, analysis of the development of trends and requirements in solar energy. This will help to focus the development vector of SEMAG.

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