About company

SEMAG is a Ukrainian engineering and production company specializing in equipment manufacturing.


SEMAG LLC – was founded by two Ukrainian companies – S-Engineering and Metropolia, based on their capabilities, qualifications and staff experience.

The company was established as a separate production department for localizing in Ukraine the manufacture of equipment for power plants of the green generation sector.

The specifics of our company is the development and implementation of turnkey projects, including:

  • Design;
  • Production;
  • Test and quality control Electrotechnical Laboratory;
  • Supply of equipment to the customer
  • Installation and commissioning;
  • Commissioning and training of customer’s personnel.
  • Ready solutions

Why us?

Warranty on all manufactured equipment

All equipment manufactured by SEMAG is warranted. Technical support is carried out both for the equipment purchased in our company and for the customer’s equipment.

Own production base in Odessa, Ukraine

  • Qualified professionals: design engineers, production staff
  • Modern high-precision metalworking machines and tools
  • Licensed technologies and materials.

Local presence

The main office and production base of the SEMAG company are located in Odessa. Specialists of the company are always ready to hold a consultation, as well as provide technical support.


We are confident that the future belongs to renewable energy.

SEMAG is our mission

The mission of SEMAG is to localize in Ukraine the production of equipment for all types of generating stations for green energy. This greatly accelerated the transition of Ukraine to renewable energy sources and the acquisition of energy independence. Will make a cleaner and safer world around. For current and future generations.

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