Production of equipment for SES using AEG Power Solutions technology starts in Ukraine1


A unique license agreement was signed on February 28 in Odessa at the S-Engineering LLC plant, under which the German company AEG Power Solutions, with the participation of its German branch AEG Power Solutions GmbH and the local branch of LLC 3V Power Ukraine, granted the exclusive right to manufacture solar inverters on AEG PS technology to the Ukrainian companies of the SEMAG brand, created jointly by the group of companies of the Metropolia brand and the group of companies of the SE Group International brand.

Group of companies “Metropolis” ( — Leader of Ukrainian engineering of a full cycle in the energy sector.

Brand Group «SE Group International» ( led by engineering and manufacturing company S-Engineering LLC, is a unique Ukrainian manufacturer of switchboard equipment, the quality of which is recognized by the relevant European standards.

«AEG Power Solutions GmbH» ( is a German subsidiary of AEG Power Solutions, a world-renowned supplier of power supply systems and solutions for all relevant and complex applications. AEG Power Solutions has many years of experience with uninterruptible power supplies and power electronics, as well as their integration into power grids, and uses its experience in energy conversion, developing and implementing solutions for renewable energy sources and energy storage systems.

Obtaining AEG Power Solutions’ premium class technology for the production of solar inverters gives SE Group International the opportunity to produce a Ukrainian product – a solar inverter that meets German quality standards in Ukraine and the development of alternative energy in Ukraine.

Inverters with a capacity of up to 1000 kVA, intended for solar power plants will be produced at the production base of S-Engineering in Odessa.

The companies “Metropolia” and LLC “S-Engineering” already have experience of cooperation in the field of creation of alternative energy facilities in Ukraine. The logical continuation of the partnership was the opening in Ukraine of the production of equipment necessary for the SES, according to the world-famous German technology. Despite the boom in the construction of alternative energy stations, inverters are one of the main components of the SES, they have not been produced in our country.

“High-quality inverter equipment is a necessary component of all solar power plants under construction. Equipment produced in Ukraine by AEG PS technology will have a sufficient share of local production to receive a U1 certificate, which will become an additional incentive for the introduction of new SES into operation. Accelerating the process of switching to alternative energy sources will significantly improve the energy and environmental situation in our region. ”- said Alexander Semenyug, Head of SEMAG LLC and Director of Solar Energy Projects of S-Engineering LLC.

“We support the beginning of partnership with Ukrainian companies. Thanks to the development of alternative energy in Ukraine, the demand for local production of inverters is growing. It took us a long time to find a company that we could trust our technologies to. The only applicant conforming to high German production standards is now in Ukraine the company “S-Engineering”.

We are delighted to start cooperation with both the Metropolia company, the leader of engineering activities in the energy sector, and S-Engineering as a European-level manufacturer in Ukraine. We are confident in the overall success of these undertakings. It is very important for us that equipment manufactured using our technologies will be produced in Ukraine, and in this way, we can contribute to the development of alternative energy in your countries. For the future, we have big plans to expand the line of equipment. Which will be produced using our technologies in Ukraine. ”- stated Jörg Lidloff, Vice President for Business Development and New Markets at AEG Power

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